It is not an unknown fact how eyebrows shape your face. Well shaped eyebrows, give you face just not definition but also open up and brighten your eyes – just like when you have had 4 espressos shot and loads of mascara.

And not just good brows, well shaped and perfectly filled eyebrows design once’s face. In the last decade, we have seen eyebrows going from thin and sharp in the 1930’s, to a fuller and natural look in 1970’s, to the recent ones which are thick, prominent, fuller and quite experimental – don’t forget the wave eyebrows, braided or the feather ones – the rage we have recently seen and many more yet to be seen!

Recent Wave of Eyebrows!
Weird or Trendy?

Since I get my eyebrows done twice a month and like every other female, we prefer to keep the eyebrow “wali” same to ensure that our eyebrows & confidence are not at stake or on the line of an experiment by an amateur salon staff.
I decided to do my own experiment by growing my eyebrows to give them a fuller look for a year.
P.S: Castor oil every night on your eyebrows does the magic trick.


So since I grew my eyebrows for a year, I was ready to get them shaped at the one and only Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brow Studio located at the Sephora 5th Ave. They not only shape your brows but suggest how to fill them for a fuller look as well.


She evened them out and managed to remove the uneven gap that I had for a year – due to getting them done at an untrusted place. She really cleaned them well, balanced them and make them look super sharp. Just like someone injected 900 watts of head lights near my eyes.

Girls at the Brow Studio are trained by Anastasia Soare herself – CEO of Anastasia Beverly Hills who actually was the first one to make eyebrows an important feature and now its the most important product in every girl’s make up kit and a household name.

Here is the final result of my brows: clean, shaped and sharp look.


This is how they look natural after shaping. Of course, you can buy further products to enhance and uplift your brows such as the brow pencil, brow powder, gel and the mascara and the staff would assist you to pick the right colors and products. They also have the brow mascara to keep them moist. I got them done by Jenny and you can follow her on IG @iambrowninja

Brow Studio @ Sephora 5th Ave

And here is the final look at the eyebrows after some more TLC – using the ABH Eyebrow pencil and mascara. Don’t they just look dope?

Final Look!

And if this is not enough, the most recent trend is Microblading Eyebrows and everything you need to know about them is right here. Microblading Eyebrows.









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