7 Reasons why Boxed Water is Better!

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I recently came across the Boxed Water at a Sunday Lunch at Soho. At the first glance, It caught my attention and I could not help but read more about it. Upon coming in touch with the team, I am impressed with the Smart & Sustainable way to box water, for one true reason that our environment does not need more plastic.


Act Responsibly!


Here are my favorite 7 reasons why Box Water is Better!

  1. Boxed water is made from 74% paper: which comes from harvested trees from the sustainable forest. These trees are carefully recycled.
  2. It does not smell: Unlike plastic bottles.
  3. 100% Recyclable: After use, company partners with ReWall to turn the paperboard from the boxes into building materials like ceiling tiles.
  4. Smaller Carbon Footprint: Flat shipping of boxes and carefully picking packing locations (ex: closer to consumer) allows the company to ship 1 truck of Boxed water for every 26 trucks of bottled water – That’s pretty impressive!
  5. Use it – Fold It – Refill It – Use It – Fold It – Refill It: It takes minimal space and actually less space than your phone. Bless those expensive handbags – No more bulge or spills!
  6. Bored of Point 5: Plant a mint tree in the box and keep at your window – Trust me its Instagram worthy and you got fresh mint for your wake-up call tea.
  7. As a return to the environment: Box Water in collaboration with National Forest Foundation plants 2 trees every time you buy boxed water and post on your Instagram using the #betterplant – Not that we need a reason to post a picture on IG. Do we? The company has planted 612,567 trees and still counting…

So go ahead and make a difference – One Step at a time!

Act Responsibly – Boxed Water Is Better


Behave Responsibly!



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