3 Simple Products & 1 simple Routine is all you need after you go Balayage.

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Have you always questioned coloring your hair?

You have only heard scary stories about adding color to your hair?

You imagine dry, damaged, split-ended hair if you colored your hair?

You took a break from coloring your hair but you are completely bored with your natural look?

Sound familiar?

It surely does! I kept my hair virgin for 10+ years and I needed a change, so on my recent trip to Mumbai – I took an impulsive decision and colored my hair. Surely I was very anxious, scared, however, I was more determined for a change and to embrace a new look.

So I choose to go to Honey Lulla Hair Salon based in Khar Mumbai – India. Not only senior stylist Neha ensured that she is using more safer products, that have fewer chemicals than other. So we decided to go balayage and no it’s not that hard to pronounce.


Image result for go balayage meme
Get it together!


Fact: There is no hair dye which is organic and chemical free if you read this somewhere and was told – it’s a big fat lie unless it was henna. In future, if someone develops a homemade hair dye – that is a revolution we will await.


2018 Look – by Neha from Honey Lulla Salon


Now that I have dyed my hair,  it was time to find the perfect products to take care of it. I absolutely loved the color and cut by Honey Lulla. It was close to natural and yet had the texture, drama, volume, character, and movement I was looking for. Getting the correct haircut and color is half a battle, looking after them daily is when you win the battle. After a lot of research, I got my hand on MoroccanoilOil. 

I had heard about these products but was hesitant to try on my hair as they are quite straight, fine and lack volume, hence, volume and scalp care are of utter importance to me. The name itself MoroccanOil pushed me away as I wanted something that would protect my color, give me volume and is not harsh on my scalp. On my Sunday scroll in midtown Manhattan and in urgent need to wash my hair – I thought to give them a try and oh my gosh – I was bowled over. Wait for this part – I did not use a conditioner. Like that has never happened. I cannot imagine my hair to be so soft, luscious and bouncy and that too without the help of a hairdryer. It was all air dry! What????? I know!!!!


A closer look at the color and cut – By Honey Lulla Salon!

Hold it! I did use a leave-in conditioner! So much better to give up conditioner on daily basis (only for low volume / flat hair as the conditioner weighs them down)  however I definitely recommend using a conditioner/hair mask once a week to keep your mane nourished and healthy.

So here are the products that worked for me and I absolutely adore these products now. Note –  My hair is straight and very fine, can get very dry in summer due to humidity.


MoroccanOil  Hair Products.

Here are the details!


Shampoo: Extra Volume Shampoo

Mask: Restorative Hair Mask (Once a week)


Weekly Care – Sunday Treat for your hair!


Styling: Root Boost

Hair Oil: MoroccanOil Treatment – Light. For extra shine (not seen)


Bounce that builds your confidence!

All products from MoroccanOil have Argan Oil which is essential for vibrant and healthy skin and hair!


Don’t lay flat ever!


So go ahead – color your hair – try new looks and leave the hair care to MoroccanOil – They got this.













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