Washington DC in 48 hours – Ms.Judgemenot Style!

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After facing long winters in New York City – we were finally blessed with a sunny weekend after Easter. Sunny, clear skies and no wind forced me to pack up my bags and start exploring. Why not a short ride to Washington DC – Capital of US of A! A compact city based 4 hours from the Manhattan island famously known as New York City.

Capitol Hill

We booked Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill, packed for a day and my baby Range Rover wheels were on the move. Left on sunny Sunday morning at 6am to get there as early as possible to enjoy the cherry blossom festival which happens once a year. Don’t know about everyone, but I cannot go on long drives without my comfy joggers, tank tops and denim jacket and that’s exactly how I dressed for this trip.

TIP: Whether it’s a flight or a long drive – carry water and keep yourself hydrated. Sitting for long hours make you body swollen & dry. And I am sure none of you would want to reach your destination looking pale and exhausted. Destinations are beautiful and so should be the journey!

How comfy do you dress?

Once we reached the hotel, we changed and headed straight out to make the most of the beautiful weather. I could not contain my excitement to see Sakura’s famously known as Cherry Blossom Trees. There are 2000+ tress planted around the Tidal Basin. We took a über to Martin Luther King Jr – National Memorial and basically walked the entire 2.1 mile surrounded by Tidal Basin. Read more in details about all the spots on the trail.

TIP: Do not take your car as parking is a challenge and far off from the basin.

Hyatt Regency – Capitol Hill.
Views of Thomas Jefferson Memorial

You can walk along, do a boat ride or simply pick a spot and enjoy a day out in sun near this area. We choose to walk and see all these picturesque spots and spend our Sunday under these gorgeous trees and it was a perfect hide and seek day with the sun. A lot of families came in, with many tourists and of course IG perfectionist as it could not get more picture perfect.

Views of Washington Monument!
You cant get enough of this!

We took a stop to enjoy a cup of coffee at Thomas Jefferson Memorial and the view was worth the walk.

Obsessed with Denims and White!

Thomas Jefferson Memorial gives you a half moon view and a 360 view of this mesmerizing surroundings and its perfect to just sit here, people watch on in my case get some good shots.

TJ Memorial!
Views from the steps of TJ Memorial!
Sakura Trees with the background of Washington Monument.


Nothing makes me more happy than free Vitamin D.


Strictly prohibited to break these sakura’s – but does not harm to touch.
I managed to find some on the ground.



Under the shades of Sakura.

After we were contended with cherry blossom views, we had to move on to see what else the city has in store for us.

Ms Judgemenot suggests to take the street parallel to Washington Monument 15th NW towards constitution Ave and straight ahead to Pershing Park where you will come across this fascinating piece of architecture known as NM Of AAM.

National Museum Of African American History

During our stroll, we found this gem called the W hotel and wow, what a discovery. W hotel maintains the segment of cool and stylist hotels – breaking the norms and the rooftop bar of this hotel is one of my TOP 10 favorite rooftop bars ever. With the partial views of White House and a clear views of Washington Monument, TJ Memorial and the tidal basin, with its long corridors, check floors, ceiling fans and very cool interiors – we could not ask for a better way to end the evening. The cocktails and food is fuss free, creative and fun just like their staff. We spent the rest of the evening at POV Rooftop Bar speaking to their bar staff who had many stories to tell us about the 100 yr old building and the views to admire while the sunset painted a beautiful picture to only start dreaming. I did not wanted to leave and neither will you. Ms. Judgemenot strongly recommends to come here during sunset.

POV @ W Hotel


Evening Only got Better!
Lobby of W Hotel
Old Post Office – Very Impressive.

Washington is known for its Arts and Historical Architecture so we had to check out some museums, parks, monuments and their street art. Next day after enjoying my personal favorite breakfast of cucumber and avocado with cream cheese (which i make personally at the Regency Club of the hotel) Ms Judgemenot and Karl (from the Karl Legerfield) head to explore the city once again.

My Fav Bfast
Lets Go Karl!

Before heading to the museums and monuments – we went for street art and I could not wait to see this abandoned church which has been turned into an art site. Every Instagram er must visit spot. It now hosts live talk shows, exhibits and many more cultural activities.

Image result for blind whino dc
Blind Whino

Although we were told not to go here due to the neighborhood not being safe – we took a risk to go early morning and I am glad as the graffiti was very powerful and tells mesmerizing stories. I recommend going there early hours of the day.

Image result for street art in washington dc
Ganpati in his new avatar!


We then headed to the Library of Congress – Self acclaimed as the most beautiful building in America.

Views of WM from Capitol
Library of Congress
Biggest Library in America!

This is the biggest library in American withholding currently 833 miles of shelving, 155 million items with 33 million books that are written in 460 different languages.


This is America’s Birth Certificate.

This was the most interesting factual corner for me in the library. Read more here

Views from Library of Congress.

Fact: They used to hold many books in Capitol that got burnt during the War of 1812. Read More here.

Another Fact: Anyone can become a member of the library as long as you have a permanent address and any book that you order is brought to you in 20 minutes. How efficient is that system.

Made a friend on the way to the next museum which became a quick favorite.

Long Lost Love!
More Sakura!

Hirshhorn Museum is a must if you are fan of art showcased out of the box. Be ready as some of the exhibits will leave quite an impact on you.





My fav exhibit was Mark Bradford who started his education when he was 30 and expresses his thoughts and viewpoint on where we stand as a nation through his new exhibit and i absolutely loved it!

Mark Bradford Exhibit.


I told you – This place leaves you thinking!

A must visit stop is SAA Museum & Renwick Gallery which only left me amused.

Before we call it a day and head back to New York City – we stopped at the Oyameal Cocina Mexicana Restaurant for fresh Guac and Ceviche Counter.

Image result for OYAMEL DC

Guac Counter!


Our Table could not get more colorful!


Great sites – Great food and above all great 48 hours. It was perfect sunny weekend before the uncertain north eastern weather trumps over. I strongly suggest visiting Washington DC even if it is for 24 – 48 hours and hope you will be able to squeeze all that this city has to offer just the way we squeezed lemon on our Guac!

Till then I plan my next destination – Chao and don’t forget to like, follow and share!

Until the next destination…….















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  1. Darlinggggg yur writing z lyk watching a movie naked eye
    It was lyk walking thru dose Sakura trees feeling dose flowers n smelling d fragrance
    Uffffff seriously it z dat mch beauty
    D detailing gives sch a clear vision as if m along vid u
    Love d way penit
    God bless

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