I came across this miracle fruit about 10yrs ago at an eatery in Notting Hill – London. The very time I had this in a salad, it was yummylicious. So of course as a curious personality, I got it on a Sunday and tasted it raw. I must say – it was tasteless. So I mixed it with onions, green chillis, tomatoes, chickpeas, and some Maggi masala and scoop – we had a desi guacamole. I got hooked and since then I cannot get over this wonderful fruit / or a single seed berry!
I ate it raw with some salt, black pepper, sliced, crushed, smashed, in a smoothie and pretty much in any and every form I can! Even though it’s tasteless once mixed with any other items, it absorbs and enhances any dish, meal or cuisine.

Other less known benefits of Avocados:

1. Avocados have about 35% more potassium than bananas. One cup of cubed avocados (150 grams) has 727 milligrams of potassium compared to one cup of sliced bananas (150 grams) with 537 milligrams of potassium.

2. Avocados are high in fiber. One cup of cubed avocados (150 grams) has 10 grams of dietary fiber – 40% of the recommended daily value.

3. Avocados are really a fruit – in fact, botanically they are classified as a berry with a large seed.

4. Avocados have goofy nicknames. In other parts of the world, avocados are referred to as “alligator pears” due to their shapes and bumpy, green skin in Spain and Mexico, as well as “butter pears” in India and China.

5. Avocados grow on trees but can’t ripen unless picked. Avocados must be picked when matured in order to properly ripen. They usually ripen within 1-2 weeks of getting picked. If avocados fall off the tree, they can ripen on the ground.3

6. Avocados ripen faster if stored with other fruits, such as bananas and apples. The release of ethylene gas (a natural plant hormone produced by all flowers, fruit, seeds and tubers) stimulates the ripening process.3

Quick Tip: Put unripened avocados in a brown paper bag with a couple of apples to speed up the ripening process. And when you only need half an avocado, save the other half in an avocado saver. Use an avocado slicer to easily cut them to use in salads. 

7. Avocados can be frozen. Got a ton of avocados and can’t eat them fast enough? Don’t let those ripen avocados go to waste. Cut them open lengthwise, remove the pit/seed, scoop out the fleshy fruit and sprinkle with fresh lemon juice (which prevents browning). Store in a freezer-safe glass container and pop in the freezer. When you need one, just let it defrost in a cool bowl of water for about 20 minutes.

8. Avocados make the perfect baby food. Forget boxed baby cereals, which are often loaded with GMOs and pesticides, and can cause indigestion in babies. Opt for avocados instead. Babies love the mushy texture and light buttery flavor.

9 Avocados are not so great for pets. The leaves, skin and seed (or pit) of an avocado can be toxic to cats, dogs, birds, cows, goats, guinea pigs and horses if eaten.

10. You don’t have to buy organic avocados. The thick skins of avocados provides protection from pesticides. Avocados have been rated as one of the safest fruits you can buy that are conventionally grown.3

11. Avocados can be used in baking recipes instead of oil or butter. Whether you’re vegan or trying to avoid oils, avocados make a great substitute for butter or margarine (which should be avoided) in baking recipes.

12. Avocados are delicious in smoothies. Pump up the fiber and potassium kick in your favorite smoothie recipe. Just add 1/2 to a whole medium avocado to your smoothie. There’s a slight avocado flavor, but the overall smoothie tastes richer and more buttery. Try these recipe book for more green smoothie recipes.

13. Avocados may help to lower bad cholesterol. A study published in the Archives of Medical Research found that patients who ate a diet rich in avocados had a 22% decrease in bad cholesterol levels and an 11% increase in good cholesterol.

14. Avocados may cut the risk of metabolic syndrome. Diabetes, stroke and coronary artery disease are often classified under a group of symptoms known as metabolic syndrome. A study published in the Nutrition Journal showed that eating avocados reduced the risk of metabolic syndrome and improved nutrient intake.

15. Avocados may help to prevent cancer. Carotenoids are antioxidants that help to protect against certain cancers. California-grown avocados contain 11 carotenoids and the highest concentration of carotenoids are in the dark green, outer flesh of the avocado closest to the peel.


Since my obsession with avocadoes has been a long lasting affair – I could not resist to visit Avocaderia where everything revolves around Avocados. I havent heard a better news in a while!

So on a beautiful sunday spring monring – I was on the subway to Brooklyn to Avocado Heaven based in Industry City.  I wasnt expecting this kind of set up but it’s a preety cool place. Here are the facts:

  • 100 year old Industry Area
  • 35 Acres of space
  • 16 Buildings
  • 6 Million Sq Ft
  • Used to be the biggest manafacturing space
  • Has Designer Furniture Outlet
  • On a clear day – you can see the Statue of Liberty
  • Most Famous Joint is Avocaderia

So, Here I was! Hungry & Excited. I want to try everything on the menu. The menu is compact, clean and basic. Nothing over the top. Set up in a cafeteria style and they serve on paper plates. You can mix and match between burgers, pizza. beer, fried, ice cream, avocados sushi, kababs and dumplings to fresh handmade vodkas to the oldest factory of chocolates. There are many innovation hubs and all these options can make me stay here all day.

But first breakfast. I ordered 2 open-faced sandwiches and a club sandwich and what can I say. I could not ask for a better morning.What I ordered:

  • Avocado Club
  • MedditerianWi
  • Winter Garden




Their menu change as per upcoming seasonal change, supporting a healthy lifestyle and have a team that makes the most colorful open sandwiches with Avocado!

Few other places that caught my attention at Industry City!

Fresh Made pizza as air packed to take home@ Table 87



Designer Furniture Outlets! Definitely worth the visit. And the view is not bad too!


Innovation and Thinking hubs –  I love such spaces!


Li-Lac chocolate factory since 1923. I was pulled by a strong force of chocolate tingling smell of fresh chocolate and roasted nuts. I ended up tasting variety of chocolates and learning that they Li-Lac makes the most variety of chocolates in the USA – more than 120 items! Chocolates are still handmade and in small batches for freshness. I must mention speaking to one of their most senior staff who has been making chocolates for them for 28 years and has only gained a pound in this years-I definitely envy him but his passion and dedication was worth the time. Plus I got to see so many chocolate sculptures for every holiday.

%FZs%zUMQb2HwmWtzycSdA186F9BA%QJGEB9t+N6GPrgFact: All you need is tempreture control to maintain these sculptures and they can last upto a year!QhA75Jz9R7ayo4scEGXkOA

My Kind of Space!


Burger Joint  Proves the fact – If your food is good – you do not need anything else! Fries get a special mention! And if you have not tried – You must visit their branch in @Le Parker Meridien. Famously known as a hole in a wall – It is quite a famous joint in Midtown.

PS: One of the first burger joints I tried when I moved to New York!

So if you need a place where you can be part of the crowd or catch a corner and get to enjoy all these food throughout the day – Industry City is for you. And if this is not a kind of day you want to spend – you can come for a meal or two and head back to the #yourdayyourway.

Wishing you and Avocado a smashing life together!!!!

Image result for avocados

Check out 50+ easy receipes with Avocado here – this will keep your relationship light and healthy.













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