Cocktail: Do we know why a mixture of alcohol, spirits and some juices is called a Cocktail? There are many theories on how Cocktail got its name.

Now if the history of how it got its name is so complicated, the present is fun and the future is experimental. So on my recent trip to London I decided to visit some phenomenal cocktail clubs that are the best in buisness. So here is the list of some of them that I truly enjoyed and I strongly rcommend for you all to try when in London. If you ask me why London – why not? London is a hub to europe and they say if you cannot travel Europee together – you can always travel London and see a glimpse of europe there and thats exactly what we did.

  1. Sketch – Insta Worthy and if you like club hopping under one roof.

They have 4 set of restaurant/bar with completely different vibe,wine and dine, music and theme.

The restaurant is totally instaworthy and each room is more beautiful that the other.
Possibly the coolest restroom in London
Restroom selfie on fleek


Coat Check


2. Cahoots = Fun, fearless, colluding, conspiring and scoundrels

Takes you back in time and travel during the 1920’s underground traveling. Expect nothing but scoundrel bartenders, be careful of the passengers and spiked drinks.


Menu Or Newspaper?
My first drink made me fall in love with this place.
Ready for a ride.


To the Trains!

3. AlchemistThe only chemist I would spend hours at – cause its a controversial affair. If you like experimental cocktails, great music and like to be involved in creating the cocktails with the interactive and knowledgeable bartenders – Alchemist is the place to be. Honestly, the cocktails taste so good – I never wanted to leave this place and the hospitality is at a different level.

I had so much fun here, all my cocktails were tailored according to my taste.


Best Medicine ever!
Surely left us in high spirits and recovered – thank you Alchemist.

4. The Churchill Bar & Terrace: Matured drinks, lots of history and a beautiful terrace you can even enjoy at any time of the year – yes even on dark cloudy winter days!


5 MNKY HSE Great music, service, food and drinks – what else can you ask for?


6: Mahiki: A true Aloha impression.
This place is hype for a reason. Dj knows how to keep you grooving on the floor and the bartenders know how to keep you moving. Loved the music, ambiance, 2 floors of great music and some great cocktails – be aware their Russian shots are strong. EwUqvdlGQiq56soKqnXA%w

7 Sexy Fish:

As the name sounds, sexy food, and drinks. music is too loud for the restaurant and bar kind of place. Definitely one of the places to be seen!


Hope you will enjoy these places when in London. Notable mentions:

Drink sensibily and have fun!

Toodles until next time.yY+VHdLaRBG+mb0GCpTu1w

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