When it comes to beauty and makeup – one should not compromise on the price – however, why break your pockets when these below products can actually do the magic. Here are 5 of my fav products:

NYX – My fav is their Liquid Matte Lip Cream

Revlon – My Fav Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor – Glad it like a dream and it has a fragrance that your partner would not stop kissing you and girls would not stop asking.

Shea Moisture: My fav is their body exfoliate and shea butter with coconut. I cannot get over how much difference these products have made to my body all over. Scrub once a week and moisture every night and you are sorted for your body routine. 

L’oreal: Cannot live without L’oreal Voluminous Superstar Mascara. I have tried pretty much all brands and all type of wands including the vibrating wands and nothing has worked the way this wand has worked. One coat of each and vola the gate to your soul is open – Joking. We all know a good mascara can make or break your look – and it does not break your account. Especially something that you need on daily basis. No need to touch up. 

Bioderma: Face wipes and cleansing water is the needed and recommended water for your skin. Does not strip off the natural oils but will surely remove makeup and does not need any rinse post since its made with H20.

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