Stay IN – Think Out(Side of the Box)

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It took me 8 days to write the below. By the end of it, you will understand why.

2020 brings a whole new dictionary along with some wise lessons and a new reflection on life.


Fact: Life is Unpredictable 

Fact: Money cannot buy happiness

Fact: Power is worthless 

Fact: Diseases & Death are both not partial to color, gender, and status, neither it’s scared of any boundaries 

Facts: Technology is informative but can be very destructive 

Facts: People will always judge your actions and decisions irrespective of your intention behind it

Fact: We don’t own anything – everything is temporary 

Facts: There are more conspiracy theories than factual documentaries 

Facts: 90% of the reasons we are unable to achieve our goals in life are all excuses  

Facts: Blaming is easier than discovering 

Facts: Our Lifestyle dictates our status 

Facts: Luxury comes with a pricetag

Facts: Friends and Family will always be there

Facts: We live in apartments 

Facts: We live to FIT IN

Facts: Who dictates what is normal?

Facts: We spend millions looking for healthy food to fit the lifestyle 

Facts: Without technology, it is hard to entertain the kids 

Facts: I can’t wait for the quarantine to be over 

Facts: I have “NO TIME” 

Instead: Make plans, but be ready to accept the change & enjoy every moment

Instead: Save for Survival

Instead: Learn to make the most out of the situations you are placed into – that a Powerfull skill

Instead: Be Kind & Compassionate towards others who are less fortunate (Always) 

Instead: You are bound to listen to everything – but don’t have to believe everything

Instead: Be Patient and let the action speak for itself

Instead: Be passionate, not addictive 

Instead: Stick to facts

Instead: When opportunity strikes – don’t excuse and grab it

Instead: Be true to yourself when you face the mirror and accept failure (it’s part of the process)

Instead: Let your personality dictate your status 

Instead: Sunshine, Fresh Air, Freedom, Peace, Touch and good laughter are all free. Don’t underestimate them.

Instead: Enjoy them while you have them instead of wishing you did

Instead: Make it a HOME 

Instead: Learn to stand out

Instead: Create YOUR normal.

Instead: Healthiest meals can be cooked in your kitchen in less than 20 min (and we all can cook for survival)

Instead: Remember, we grew up without the advanced technology.



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